Hello all!

Welcome to Mistress Azralynn’s website! Here you will find information about me, and helpful links! I will update this post as needed. (Last updated Feb. 6, 2022)


To see the full library of Mistress Azralynn's public + private audio files, check this Reddit post! Information, and links to all of my audio content can also be found in Audio Section!
Yes! Check out exclusive content over on my Patreon.
Yes! You can check out my rates and other commission info on my Commission Page. After that, please contact me via DM (on Reddit or on Discord) to finalize the details.
If you'd like to support my content, you may do so via my Patreon, or by keeping me hydrated on Ko-fi, or even drop a Twitch sub or tip while I'm live streaming.
I am open to suggestions/requests/ideas, but please keep in mind that suggesting something does not guarantee that I will do it. You may post in THIS THREAD on my Reddit, or in the appropriate section on my Mistress Azralynn Discord server.
Yes! Check out the links below!

NSFW Socials:

NSFW TWITTER: Short, sexy, voiced captions!

PORNHUB: Some of my audios with spiral videos added.

Gaming Socials:

TWITCH: Gaming is an integral part of my life, if you’re into games and want to come hang out on Twitch where we do variety streaming. I do tend to play a lot of soulsborne games and Dead by Daylight. Please keep in mind Twitch ToS though.

DISCORD: I have a second Discord that is for exclusively gaming. I’ll keep that link off of here to avoid confusion, but if you want to join it, just go to my above Twitch channel, and join from there.

YOUTUBE: I used to do a lot of reviews, but now my YouTube it’s mostly a place where I upload my game playthroughs from Twitch.

TWITTER: Gaming related tweets, typically gaming polls, stream updates, etc.