Are you sure…

Are you sure you want me to fuck you with this? Your boyfriend didn’t look like he had a bulge like mine! He probably won’t be able to feel you anymore!

Yes! Just fuck me already! I need your huge cock inside me! My boyfriend is so oblivious he probably has no idea we even suck away!

Wow, you’re such a slut! Hooking up with a stranger at the mall while shopping with your boyfriend! You’re a terrible girlfriend!

I’m tired of his tiny cock! I need to be filled with a giant cock like yours every day!

Ok, here goes then! Hopefully your boyfriend doesn’t catch us! I’d hate to have to beat him up!

He’s such a pussy! He would never try to stop us! He would just sit there and watch!

Maybe that wouldn’t be so bad after all! I’m going to need someone to clean up the mess I’m about to make after all…