Awww, don’t give me that look again…

Awww, don’t give me that look again. I know about your frustration, desperation, and general horniness. I can tell it from your blue swollen balls and your pre-cum dripping cock twitching inside its cage every time you see me. You really want this to end right? When we started sharing this apartment, you were basically forcing me to become your keyholder. You told me all about your fantasies, showed me that Tumblr of yours, and your collection of chastity devices. You did everything to try to convince me to try it out. You said: be strict, be cruel, make me do things to earn a release, humiliate me, and never give into my begging, no matter what I say.

And now after a few months on campus, you met all those sexy young girls, and you’ve suddenly changed your mind. I bet they’re teasing you all of the time trying to seduce you. Of course they are – after I sent them pictures of your locked up cock and some info about you. I outed you on day one as the always horny guy lucked in inescapable chastity by his lesbian flatmate. And now you’re so worked up by all the teasing and humiliation, you can’t stand it?! Then you’re finally at the point you’ve been dreaming of for so long. You’re nothing but a chaste denied pussy-less loser. I’m not gonna take that away from you by unlocking you or giving you the key. You made me promise, and I won’t disappoint you!