Baby, I know you’re afraid…

Baby, I know you’re afraid, but I would never hurt you. You’re far too precious for me to harm. Finding a boy who is still a virgin at your age is a real treat.

Don’t be embarrassed to take off your clothes. I’m not expecting you to have a big cock. You’re a petite boy. And I’m expecting you to have a very petite penis. So, you don’t need to worry about disappointing me, okay?

That’s my good boy! Now look into my eyes and take your hands away from your pee-pee. You’re safe here. I’d never let anything bad happen to you. You don’t have to hide behind lies with me. You can be who you really are deep-down inside.

Oh my goodness! You are lovely! You look so much better without those baggy clothes!

Kitten, why are you crying? Come here. Come to Mommy. I’ll make it all better.