Before we end…

Before we end our lecture, we would like to do a review on what you’ve learned in our class today. If you follow all of our instructions, you’ll be rewarded.

So, pay attention and listen. Breathe in deep through your nose and out slowly through your mouth. In… out… in… out… in… out… This exercise will make sure our scent makes your whole body feel tingly and warm.

Feels good, doesn’t it? Now, make sure to keep your eyes on us. I know you’re a bit sleepy, but keep those eyes open just a little longer.

Let our music flood your mind, and our scent flood your body. That awful willpower will go right down your body. Right below the waist to the warmest part of your body.

You want to rub that warm spot right now, don’t you? Your willpower is building up there. It needs to come out of you. Reach beneath your underwear and just rub.

That’s it. Moan for us. Let us know how you feel. You can’t take it anymore. Your willpower must be released. Let go of it.

Cum for us. Class is Dismissed.