Commission Info


Public rate: $0.15 per word

Personal rate: $0.30 per word – I will not share or publish this audio anywhere

Commercial rate: $0.45 per word

Additional SFX (after the 5 included): $5 each

Rush fee: +50% of the total price

*Minimum $10 dollar order*

Things to Note

10 minutes of audio is roughly 1000 words

Audio cleanup, mixing, and up to 5 SFX are all included.

[Long form content, such as audiobooks, require special pricing]

Commission Process

1. I require full payment up front, in USD, before I begin any voicework whatsoever. Paypal and ko-fi only. I will send you an invoice through paypal.

2. We discuss the details of your commission. Do not send payment unprompted.

3. A script is required for me to accept the commission. I don’t mind some improv, but I will not improv an entire commission based on general ideas.

4. Your project may take up to two weeks to complete, depending on the size of your commission, and the size of my current workload.

I will let you know beforehand what the timeframe for your commission is.

5. You will receive either a .wav, or .mp3 file – whichever you prefer.

Content Guidelines

  • SFW or NSWF ✓
  • Caption Requests ✓
  • POV Script Fills ✓
  • Hypnosis ✓
  • Instructional ✓
  • Narrative Storytelling ✓
  • Audiobooks ✓
  • Characters lines for animation/games/manga ✓

Content Bans

  • Guro ✗
  • Bestiality ✗
  • Ageplay ✗
  • Raceplay ✗
  • Inflation ✗
  • Vomit/Scat ✗