Feeling frustrated, baby?

Feeling frustrated, baby? Well, I gave you what you asked for. I teased you until you begged me to let you cum. Then I iced you down and locked you up.

It’s tight, isn’t it? That’s so you can’t get it off. The key? I hid it so that you can’t cheat. I think this is so sexy. I can slip my panties off and just lie here. You desperately want to fuck me, but you’re powerless!

Would you like to kiss pussy? No? Well, you can’t fuck me in that chastity cage, so maybe you should be thinking about how you’re going to get out of it. All right, that’s better! Over the next few days, I’ll teach you how to lick pussy, and bring me to an orgasm. Then after your pussy trained, we’ll talk about your future life in chastity.

No, baby, we didn’t talk about releasing you. Since I’ve got the key, it’s really MY decision, and I’m going to keep you like this for at least two weeks. Why? Well, I want to see the effect chastity has on you. I might really like you this way. No, don’t stop licking baby! That’s a good boy!