Hi, I’m Sandy…

Hi, I’m Sandy. And you are a rude boy. So, you thought you could just grab me by the ass on your way to the bar?

You can deny it all you want, but this print on my ass matches your hand. And what is more important, is that the drug I coat my skin with is on your hand too, and it’s slowly invading you through your skin.

What drug you ask? The one that lights up on the touch of people who are not vaccinated, like you and many other stupid men. Although, they at least got the pleasure of kissing my body. You will will pay the full price for just a second of ass grabbing, and…

Stop being rude!

What price? Well, standard client pays with his free will for tonight, and all the money and cards he has on him. But you made me kind of mad, so I think I will take more. At the end of the night, I will take you to my place, and give you some drug patches that you will be putting every week on your arm. This will keep you docile and…

Seriously?! You’re interrupting me again?!

Why should you listen to me? Because that is what the drug is for you rude boy! It connects your decision centre to pleasure, and makes you totally horny. It makes brainwashing you very easy. Just look at my ass and focus on it… Nothing else matters… Watch it sway back and forth to the beat of the music… It hypnotizes you…

Take out that hard cock and start stroking. When I call you ‘rude boy’ again, you will cum on my body, and this phrase and image will imprint on you. You will be my slave until morning, and patches, and constant streams of sexy photos of my ass will make you subservient, even remotely, to all of my commands.

I wanted to keep you for a month, but now I will drain your mind, and your money for half a year. I think I will add a chastity cage to this arrangement. Maybe when you learn your manners, and shut up when I talk, I will let you cum again.

Oh, you want to apologize now? Stop that! A polite boy would just say ‘I will obey Mistress Sandy.’

No? You won’t say it? What a rude boy!

Haha, now just sit here, and stroke under the table to my ass until I get back. And no more cumming for the next six months. Cumming is for polite boys!