I’ve never done anything like this before…

 I’ve never done anything like this before… My other boyfriends were all a bit tiresomely full of themselves. I picked you out specifically because you seemed so gentle, and able to be interested in making me happy. I’ve never heard about enforce chastity before, but I consider it an incredible privilege that you are willing to give control of your penis to me. I’ve already hidden the key where I know you’ll never find it.

Oh sure, I’m inexperienced with chastity, but you know what they say? Google is your friend, so don’t worry… I won’t be making all those beginner errors, like assuming that you crying and pleading for me to shorten your chastity sentence means I should unlock you or anything silly like that. No, I plan to really make you suffer because I know that’s what you want deep down, sweetheart, no matter what you say from here on.