Look it’s really quite simple…

 Look, it’s really quite simple.

You’re in chastity and I’m your keyholder. My job is to keep you chaste, and I like my job.

Hours, days, and weeks of endless frustration.

Your balls producing sperm every day for no apparent reason whatsoever.

I just decided today that I want us to explore the months category. Aww look at that face. That’s precious.

Not one silly. It has to be multiple. I’m not sure how many yet. I’m still thinking about it, but definitely a few months. Maybe even straying into several. Oooh, several would be brutal, wouldn’t it? That’s like long-term chastity.

Think of how full your balls will be after that. They’ll be nice and plump, that’s for sure. Just the way I like them.

I just love putting boys in chastity and watching them suffer. You just happen to be my current project right now.

Everything cozy down there? <taps cage> Good. Well, let’s grab some lunch. I’m starving.