Meet Rachel, she loves denial…

Meet Rachel, she loves denial. We advertised for a special position in the Beta testing of the TTcB, we didn’t really expect anyone to apply, but along came Rachel, practically begging for the position! We needed someone to be so horny they would do anything to get out of the belt, we needed someone we could push to the point where the tried everything to have an orgasm in the belt. We needed to test our no orgasm guarantee.

Rachel had her own chastity belt, she wore it for one or two months at a time, sometimes more. She loved the feeling of denial. She had no key holder and the desire to really lose control of her orgasms was driving her crazy. By the time she contacted us she couldn’t think of anything except extreme denial and helplessness. She said we should tie her up and gag her before explaining what the belt was programmed to do, so she couldn’t back out. She wanted it to be hard, she wanted it to be long, she wanted frustration, and she said she was ready for anything.

We’ve programmed the belt to edge her repeatedly every night for one month. This is to test if somebody can trick the belt into letting them have an orgasm. Then the belt will not stimulate her pussy at all for eleven months. It will use electric currents that are too low to feel to keep her aroused and horny. This is to make her try anything to stimulate her pussy. After that it starts again with edging every night for a month. She will be more likely to cum this time as she will have been starved of an orgasm for a year, that will be the real test of the TTcB. It is programmed to unlock when she has an orgasm, and not before.

This is the incentive to make her try anything. She can be frustrated forever or prove us wrong, prove that an orgasm can be achieved in the belt. She looks like she’s having second thoughts, she was right to ask to be restrained!