[F4M] I’m Going to Persuade You to Deny Yourself

Another amazing script from funnytraybake, and I really love the choice you get to make. I hope you enjoy it! I’m curious to know what you picked… 😏

Sometimes I bring you right to the edge then I leave you there. I deny you. I edge you and tease you and then I deny you release. And that’s pretty fucking frustrating isn’t it? Well, today you’re in luck. Because today, I’m going to let you choose if you want to cum or not. I’m going to give you a straight choice – no tricks – do you want to cum, or do you want to be denied? Sounds simple right? Well, maybe not… Tonight, I’m going to persuade you to deny yourself…

》Script by u/funnytraybake

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[F4M] Dominated and Disciplined by Your Bombshell of a Teacher

Thank you to all that voted in the Patreon poll! This script was the winner, and WOW!! – this script was fucking AWESOME! It was also the longest script I have ever done, but HOLY SHIT, I had an amazing time doing it! There are two endings to choose from, and I really hope you guys enjoy it!!

You are an 18 year-old high school student, and at the top of your class, but lately your grades have been slipping, so your teacher has requested a meeting with you. She’s been tasked with getting your grades back on track, but after realizing that your recent slump started when your girlfriend shamed you for being a Sub, your smokin’ hot teacher decides that the best thing she could do for you is to explore your kinky side, and domme the shit out of you.

Creampie Ending:

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Facial Ending:

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》Script by u/AnxietyFreeHappiness


[F4M] Your Roommate Catches You Snooping

Originally this script was a Mommy-Dom, but I’ve made some changes to be just FemDom. I recorded the original intended ending, but I also wrote a second ending that results in chastity. I really hope you guys enjoy it!! If you happened to listen to both, feel free to let me know which ending you liked more! 😏

Your roommate comes home early to find you snooping around her closet, dirty panties in hand, and she cannot believe her eyes. After realizing what a pervert you are, she knows you need to be punished, and quite a punishment you shall receive…

There are 2 endings for this script, so you may choose…Β 

Chastity Ending:

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Non-Chastity Ending:

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》Script by u/SuckMyScript


[F4M] After Faking Sick and Hitting on the School Nurse, You’re Punished by the Principal Herself

Holy shit, this script was a blast to do! I totally need to do more teacher/student stuff! πŸ”₯ Β I really hope you guys enjoy it!! 😏

After trying to get out of a presentation by faking sick, you were sent to the school nurse. During the exam, you became aroused, and had the audacity to try and solicit the school nurse for a handjob, which immediately gets you sent to the principals office for punishment…

There are 2 endings for this script, so you may choose…


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》Listen to the DENIAL ENDING on Soundgasm instead

》Script by u/therealshawnalee