[F4M] GF Popping Your Ass Cherry

This script was the winner of last month’s Patreon poll! Thank you all for voting! Hope my good boy enjoys his fist time being pegged. Don’t worry, I’ll be gentle… for now anyway…😏

I’ve been begging you for MONTHS now for you to let me peg you, and after a whole lot of ‘ifs,’ ‘ands,’ and ‘buts,’ you have finally agreed to let me do it. Don’t worry babe, I’m going to be so gentle, and you’re going to LOVE it! I promise…

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Script by u/HighlyAdventurous


[F4M] The Big Fuck (Up)

Cool script! I had a fun time filling it! I even added a few extra sound effects. 😀 I hope you guys enjoy it also!

As a powerful executive that’s been successfully working my way up the ranks for a long time now, I’m so lucky to have you! You are my second in command. We’ve grown and have developed a close, very symbiotic working relationship that has its roots in respect and affection. And, as you can guess, we’re both very attracted to each other.  After a big presentation that almost goes horribly wrong, there is a lot of stress going around, and the tension is about to snap…

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Script by u/Iamthejackkeaton