[F4M] Ruined Orgasms Make Fresh Beginnings

Who doesn’t love multiple ruined orgasms in public?? 😈 😏

Well, that was unexpected. We were minding our own business at the party, deep within conversation on the couch, when the boldest, hottest, dirtiest girl we’re ever likely to meet plopped down next to you, reached up your shorts for your cock, and then proceeded to give you the most quality oral right there in front of everyone without a word spoken—and then, just as you were ready to burst, she simply let go and walked away.

How are things ever going to be the same between us after witnessing that? After being part of that? Because oh my, you were clinging onto me for dear life. Answer: things won’t be the same… That was the absolute hottest thing I’ve ever seen… and now I can’t wait to try it out for myself…

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Script by u/Scriptdoctornick