[F4M] The Bookstore

Really fun script! I opted to be more demanding than originally intended, but I hope you guys enjoy it nonetheless! 😏

You’re my boss at a local bookstore, where I work part time for some extra cash. After I finish ringing up the last customer of the day and lock up for the night, you want to see me in your office. Day after day of giving me a hard time for no apparent reason at all, yet again, you try to reprimand me having someone bring me dinner, and eating it quickly, because YOU scheduled me for a double shift, and didn’t allow me to have a proper break to eat. I’m fed up with the bullshit! We argue about how you’re always angry and tense, and I ask why you always seem to have it out for me. Eventually, I get you to crack a smile, and loosen up. I know exactly how to help you relax, and destress…

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Slightly adapted from the Script by u/BonSoirAnxiety with her expressed permission