[F4M] You Brought This On Yourself

Such a fun script… I do love to be mean at times, especially when it’s so well deserved. 😈 Hope you guys enjoy it!

You wanted me to keep your cock locked in chastity, and to only let you cum when you’ve been a good boy. Why then, would you even DARE to sneak out of bed with MY wand, and try to cum without MY explicit permission?!? Oh babe, you’ve fucked up badly, and now you only have yourself to blame… All tied up for bedtime, since that’s the way it has to be from now on, since you clearly can’t be left to your own devices. And since you must enjoy being a bad boy more than a good boy to break the rules like that, well, I am going to have some fun punishing you…

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Script by u/Scriptdoctornick