[F4M] Your Roommate Catches You Snooping and Makes You Her Fucktoy

Hey guys! This audio is a sequel to one of my previous audios Your Roommate Catches You Snooping, but it can also be listened to as a standalone audio. I quite enjoyed punishing you in that audio, but it seems you still haven’t learned your lesson…

You’ve been a lot sneakier about not getting caught going through my closet and sniffing my dirty panties. However, I’ve stepped up my security, and you are BUSTED. Clearly you haven’t learned your lesson from your last punishment I handed out, but I’ll try something a little bit different this time, and see if that helps you learn…

This is a private script by u/SuckMyScript

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[F4M] What Will We Ever Do Without Your Roommate?

HOLY SHIT!! THIS SCRIPT WAS ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!! This is the finale to my very first ever audio recording Your Roommate Really Isn’t Making Your Last Night Of Chastity Easy For You, Is He? (Note: This part and the first part can both be listened to stand-alone though.) 

I had a fucking BLAST filling it! Huge thank you to all those who voted for it in the previous Patreon poll. I hope you guys love this as much as I did creating it!

After months of teasing you in chastity, while eavesdropping on your stud roommate, while he entertains girl after girl in the room next door… After months of teasing/tormenting you with the idea that one of these days I might just succumb to your roommate’s sexual prowess, he is finally moving out and leaving the place to us.

Now that he’s out the door for good, we might as well as get started establishing your new life as a full-time chastity slave, with a live-in Mistress, right? But then, the door bell rings, and your ex-roommate walks back on into your life… well, I might as well finally give you the experience that you’re so clearly turned on by…

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Script by Scriptdoctornick