[F4M] Your Little Reminder

**There are 2 versions of this audio!**

It’s quite unfortunate that you seem to be pathologically unable to pleasure me. I know you’ve tried everything under the Sun to satisfy me, but it just isn’t working. Since you can’t please me, perhaps you’re just not worthy of being fucked any more. So, you will stay in chastity, and watch me be properly satisfied instead….

Script by u/TeasedToTears

This is the Original Version!
This version is how the script was written – it is a harsh audio that doesn’t shy away from the humiliation and degradation of the listener.

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This is the Modified Version!
This version is where I’ve made some of my own changes like adding more “Good Boys” and replacing a few of the harsher lines to focus on control, permission, and desperation.

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[F4M] Hypnotism Sessions, Part I

What a fun way to lead a session! 😀 I wonder how our next session will go…

You’re stuck between an internet porn addiction and a total lack of self-control, and you’ve tried every form of therapy except hypnosis. But when you arrive for your first session with me, you find my methods… Unorthodox…

Script by u/gasolinetrain

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