[F4M] Locked for Me

Another great script from TeasedToTears! Now be a good boy, and get locked up for me! 😏

Now that I have you locked in chastity, I’m going to explain what exactly it means to be locked by me… That cock is no longer yours. It belongs to me! I will guide you, and comfort you, but watching you break for me will be the most delicious thing in the world… You will know you are loved, cherished, and safe. You will be mine: body, mind, and soul. That is what it means to be locked by me…

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Script by u/TeasedToTears


[F4M] HFO Slave Training

Dannng, this was a really cool script, I hope you guys enjoy it!

From now on, the only thing you get to touch is the play button on this fucking audio. Whenever you feel the need to stick your hands down your pants, you’re will hear my voice calling you back. When you become so horny and confused, wondering whether or not you should touch yourself, my conditioning sets in, and you come back here without further questions. It feels so good to just follow orders, not needing to think. It doesn’t feel good to touch. It feels good to listen…

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Script by u/SuckMyScript