[F4M] Your Love-Crazed Friend Takes Ownership Of Your Heart And Cock

As I mentioned before, it was a TIE on the Patreon poll this month, so here’s the second script of those two winners! Thank you all again for voting! 😏 Hope you guys enjoy it!

You wake up to the touch of your girlfriend’s sweet lips. But something feels off… You open your eyes and find that your hands are bound. Wait a minute, that’s not your girlfriend! It’s your hot crazy friend who also happens to be your girlfriend’s bestie! Apparently, she’s in love with you and knows all about the cum you’ve been building up all week in anticipation of your girlfriend’s homecoming. And it turns out that she is a bit of a cum freak herself. And now that she finally has you right where she wants you, she might just treat herself with a load or two…

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Script by u/BadDevil_