[F4M] Indeed I Do

This script was a suggestion on Discord, and I took one look at it, and just HAD to do it! Hope you enjoy hearing it as much as I enjoyed creating it! 😏

It’s finally the big day! We’re only about an hour away from being married! And while they say it’s bad luck for the groom to see his bride in person on the day of their wedding, that superstition never seems to cover photos—so the same logic should apply to sending a quick video to your phone, right? Well, here’s hoping!

Here’s also hoping that you meant it when you said you’d be so, SO turned on by watching me get nasty with one of my bad-boy ex-boyfriends, because guess who’s holding the camera recording this? I’m pretty sure you meant it, though. In fact, I’m willing to bet our future on it. Because I’m going to send this to you as soon as I’m done. That way you’ll know exactly what you’re tasting on my breath once it’s finally time to kiss…

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Script by u/Scriptdoctornick