[F4M] Getting Help From Your Former Teacher… (AKA ‘The Meeting’)

Hello! I hope my good boy is doing well today… Enjoy the audio! 😏 

You are a shy college student who wants to talk to me, your hot, older college teacher, for the first time in 4 years. You remember that I’ve always been kind, and suggestive towards you. We had an excellent chemistry. However, once you finished my class, I changed careers, to pursue my dreams as a writer. You lost contact with me, until now… You mention a college project that you are stuck with it, so I offer some help, and invite you to my house in the afternoon after your work shift…

After arriving, you realize, I’ve got it all: A sophisticated and elegant style of dress, with a blouse that frames my large breasts, wearing heels and stockings in conjunction with pencil skirts that enhance my hips and my juicy thighs, as well as my gorgeous ass. Topped off with a warm and mischievous smile that invites more… 

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Script by u/RedG_S