[F4M] The Hellhound and Her Kitty

What an amazing script – it’s clear that a lot of love was put into it! This is my first time doing a Monster Girl script, and I really enjoyed it, so I hope you guys do too!

Here’s a picture of the Hellhound for those who’d like to see it. 🙂

A hellhound hears strange sounds coming from the darkness in an alleyway and decides to take a closer look. Upon walking into the alley, she hears someone quickly moving and turns to see glowing eyes in the darkness. She calls out to the figure who only turns to run deeper into the alley. The hellhound quickly starts to chase the figure who trips and falls. The hellhound stops her chase only to find that she had been following a cat boy.

The cat boy looks at her with eyes filled with fear. His clothes are torn and covered in dirt and grime. She goes to pick up the cat boy, but fear gets the better of him and he immediately stands up and starts to run again. The hellhound pursues the cat boy deeper into the alley, calling out that she means him no harm, but he doesn’t listen.

Finally, the alley stops as a dead end and the cat boy has nowhere left to run. The hellhound expects the cat boy to fight but only finds him curled up in a ball while panting and shivering. The scene fills the hellhound’s heart with remorse, and she moves slowly, trying her best to appear friendly despite her appearance.

When she finally gets to the cat boy she picks him up, he’s to tired to fight back. Holding the boy close the hellhound decides to take him home and care for him, but as he becomes more trusting it becomes clearer and clearer to the hellhound that this little kitty has gone through more than he gave off when he was found.

》If you prefer to listen on Soundgasm instead

Script by u/TheTakenCatking