[F4A] Your New Reality

DISCLAIMER: This script is extremely dark and is about a fantasy scenario which includes themes of forced body modification, loss of bodily autonomy, rape, and non-consent.

With that being said, this script is definitely not going to be everyone’s cup of tea, and that’s totally fine! This script is also much more narrative than most of my previous script fills, but I hope those that enjoy extreme scenarios appreciate this audio nonetheless!

The madam of a secretive and hi-tech brothel provides an orientation to their latest – and extremely unwilling – employee.

Script by u/SilkySmoothSmut

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[F4M] Guess Who Won the Sissy Scavenger Hunt?!

Another fantastic sissy script from Scriptdoctornick! Mmmm, t’was a fun one! 😏

Your Domina is the best! Each year she finds a pathetic subby boy like you and spends twelve whole months transforming him into a total sissy whore! And once her sissy is ready, she sets her loose in the wild for us to find in a town-wide scavenger hunt! She might have neglected to tell you the best part, though; it’s finders-keepers! And guess who found you loitering for hours at a bus stop like the total whore you are? That’s right—me! So have a sip of tea to warm you up, baby—I promise it’s not laced with anything—and let me whisk you off to your new home to meet your new Daddy!

Private script by u/Scriptdoctornick

P.S. For clarification, ‘Mommy’ and ‘Daddy’ are used in the context that we are your new owners now, and you are our sissy pet.

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