[F4M] You think you can resist touching your cock?

It’s been a while since I’ve done a funnytraybake script, so I wanted to give this one a go. I always like to see HFOs, so I wanted to try something new, and this is my first time creating an audio with finger snapping! Hope you guys enjoy it! 

I challenge you to try and keep your hands off, and if you do, then maybe you’ll be rewarded with a great HFO…

Script by u/funnytraybake

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[F4M] Your Roommate Catches You Snooping

Originally this script was a Mommy-Dom, but I’ve made some changes to be just FemDom. I recorded the original intended ending, but I also wrote a second ending that results in chastity. I really hope you guys enjoy it!! If you happened to listen to both, feel free to let me know which ending you liked more! 😏

Your roommate comes home early to find you snooping around her closet, dirty panties in hand, and she cannot believe her eyes. After realizing what a pervert you are, she knows you need to be punished, and quite a punishment you shall receive…

There are 2 endings for this script, so you may choose… 

Chastity Ending:

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Non-Chastity Ending:

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Script by u/SuckMyScript


[F4M] HFO Slave Training

Dannng, this was a really cool script, I hope you guys enjoy it!

From now on, the only thing you get to touch is the play button on this fucking audio. Whenever you feel the need to stick your hands down your pants, you’re will hear my voice calling you back. When you become so horny and confused, wondering whether or not you should touch yourself, my conditioning sets in, and you come back here without further questions. It feels so good to just follow orders, not needing to think. It doesn’t feel good to touch. It feels good to listen…

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Script by u/SuckMyScript