[F4A] A New Year’s Tease

Happy 2022! I know it’s a bit late, but since so many of you voted for this script in the Patreon poll, I decided to fill it also. It was a lot of fun, and having multiple endings is always a blast! 😀 I hope you enjoy it!

A while back we played a little game, and I told you to pick a number. I told you that number would determine how long you would be locked for. Of course, I was a bit vague on the details of what that number fully entailed, but tonight… Tonight, we find out just what that number really meant…

Script by u/SilkySmoothSmut 

**Please note: This audio has 2 endings!**

Patreon Preview Sample:

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P.S. This is an F4A script, since no genitals are actually mentioned, and you are referred to entirely using names such as pet, toy, slut, whore, etc.