[F4M] Edge For Me

This audio is unlike most of my other audios. It’s an FSub script, instead of my usual FDom stuff. However, it was a fantastic script, and I couldn’t pass it up! I hope you enjoy it! 😏

We both get home early from work. A little striptease, a little flirting, and then you tell me what you want from me tonight. Three little words

Script by u/TeasedToTears

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P.S. I’m also considering doing a FDom version of this script. Let me know on Discord if you guys are interested in hearing that version too!


[F4M] Just for Kicks

This was a really fun script! Hope you guys enjoy it as well!

I’ve been researching erotic hypnosis lately.., And I think… maybe it could help you experience more sexual arousal and more intense pleasure than you’ve ever had before. Soo… I would love to try it out on you, but before I do, I just want you to know that I’m going to have take you much, much deeper than before… you know, to access your more primal urges… Are you ready?

》Script by Hypermion

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P.S. Even though the subject in this script revolves around hypnosis, there is no actual induction in the script. Although, I am curious who would be interested in a version of this script with an induction added. Let me know!


[F4M] Your Little Reminder

**There are 2 versions of this audio!**

It’s quite unfortunate that you seem to be pathologically unable to pleasure me. I know you’ve tried everything under the Sun to satisfy me, but it just isn’t working. Since you can’t please me, perhaps you’re just not worthy of being fucked any more. So, you will stay in chastity, and watch me be properly satisfied instead….

Script by u/TeasedToTears

This is the Original Version!
This version is how the script was written – it is a harsh audio that doesn’t shy away from the humiliation and degradation of the listener.

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This is the Modified Version!
This version is where I’ve made some of my own changes like adding more “Good Boys” and replacing a few of the harsher lines to focus on control, permission, and desperation.

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[F4M] Hypnotism Sessions, Part I

What a fun way to lead a session! 😀 I wonder how our next session will go…

You’re stuck between an internet porn addiction and a total lack of self-control, and you’ve tried every form of therapy except hypnosis. But when you arrive for your first session with me, you find my methods… Unorthodox…

Script by u/gasolinetrain

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[F4M] Your Busty Professor Asks You To Stay After Class

This was a super fun teacher-domme script to fill. I hope you enjoy it! 😏

You are a university student, and you’ve been busted leering at your sexy, busty professor during lectures. After meeting me in my office after class, you try to deny it, but I KNOW what you’ve been up to! You’ve been a very naughty boy…

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Script by u/dallaswonderland– (Check out his here)


[F4M] I Want You To Save That Cum For Me

Here’s a little something for No Nut November. Enjoy! 🚫🥜😏

When your friend finds out you’re taking part in No Nut November, she decides she wants you to save all that cum for her.

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Script by u/painerotica


[F4M] Just Follow My Instructions

Hello! This was a really fun instructional game to record. I think it’s going to be a nice little  challenge, and I hope you’re UP for that challenge. 😏 I hope you enjoy it! 

I’d like to play a little game with you today. I have some instructions you’ll need to follow, and if you do everything that I say, I will allow you to cum – I WANT you to cum for me! Do you think you can be a good boy for me and do as I say? 

Script by u/funnytraybake

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