[F4M] The Semen Extraction Center (Part 1)

This trilogy has such a fascinating premise! It was quite enjoyable to take a clinical approach to this script! I hope you enjoy Part 1!

Set in the distant future: when underpopulation had become a major issue, sperm extraction centers became industrialized. Methods were developed to push male sperm production to its limits. Decades later, after the crisis had largely subsided, these industrial extraction centers were still in use. However, semen and sperm have been given an entirely new purpose within the beauty industry. This made donating sperm an absolute gold mine for donors…

You enter a technologically advanced semen extraction facility. A nurse prepares you for an industrial semen extraction procedure. During your preparation, you will be edged and have nanobots injected via your urethra and into your balls. This is all part of the process to greatly enhance your semen production, and sperm health…

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Script by u/Redpill_Creeper

P.S. This script was commissioned to me. If you’d like to commission a script of your own, you can find additional information here.