[F4A] Your Tears Are All You’re Good For

Ohhhh, do I have a mean script for you…  😈

I know what I want, and I’m more than powerful enough to get whatever it is. I’ve got dozens of suitors and pets all willing to play with me, and I love to fool around with them all the time – but there’s one that I keep coming back to… to tease, to taunt, and to push past your breaking point. My toy… the toy I have locked in my basement, deprived of its senses, and constantly denied. Ohh how I love seeing my toy hurt, seeing it break, and most of all… I love to make my toy cry… 

Script by u/SilkySmoothSmut

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[F4M] Tonight, You’re Going To Prove Your Devotion To Me

Thank you all for voting in the Patreon poll! This script was the winner! Honestly, this script was sooo much fun, I really would love to see the story continue. Enjoy!!

You’ve been my good little pet for months now… but I’m still uncertain how devoted you really are to me. How far would you really go to show your devotion? What would you be willing to sacrifice? Are you ready to find out what I have planned to let you truly prove your devotion to me? Pleasuring me is one thing… but would you be willing to pleasure somebody else, if you knew it pleased me? Why don’t we find out…

Script by u/SilkySmoothSmut

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