[F4A] So Aroused, So Simple

I decided to try out another hypno-style audio! Such a great script from MeltForYou! Hope you enjoy it! 😏

Your arousal begins to wash over you… You can’t fight it, so just give in… Your arousal is growing, and growing, as you allow your arousal in, you just want to touch yourself… to edge… to cum… You can’t fight it… Your arousal feels sooooo good… Just give in to your arousal…

》If you prefer to listen on Soundgasm instead

》Script by u/MeltForYou


[F4M] Your Succubus Dream Come True

Mmmmm…mind control hypnosis from a succubus…. man, this script was a fun one! I hope you guys enjoy it!

You’re sleeping when you suddenly hear a lovely voice calling to you. Asking you to invite her into your dream. This is obviously what you do, what could possibly go wrong. Well…

》If you prefer to listen on Soundgasm instead

》Script by u/Dibokucres