[F4M] It Is Such A Relief

Happy No Nut November! Are you still going strong this NNN? 

You told me you want to do No Nut November, which meant taking sex off the table for the whole month. You said you want to spend more time talking, and since I want to be supportive, I’m going to help you out… by telling you all the things that we don’t have to talk about for the whole month…

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》Script by u/TeasedToTears


[F4M] I Want You To Save That Cum For Me

Here’s a little something for No Nut November. Enjoy! 🚫🥜😏

When your friend finds out you’re taking part in No Nut November, she decides she wants you to save all that cum for her.

》If you prefer to listen on Soundgasm instead

》Script by u/painerotica