[F4M] The Answer is Always No

I absolutely love teasing and denial… 😏

I tell the story of how I met my submissive, and how we found a common bond in the need for teasing, denial, torture and sacrifice. The magic of two people who understand what it means to truly connect, even when…

》 Script by u/TeasedToTears

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[F4M] Just One Stroke

The minute I saw this latest TeasedToTears script, I just knew I just HAD to record it! 😏 Hope you like it as much as I did! 😈

It’s been 30 days, so I’ll give you ONE stroke. That’s the deal, and you know that I keep my word…

》Script by u/TeasedToTears

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[F4M] Look at me! Oh no, darling. I’m not playing…

DISCLAIMER: Ok, so this is a pretty harsh script like the tags suggest, and it is definitely not for everyone!! No explicit consent is ever given, and may be interpreted as CNC or Abuse/Rape. Again, this is a mean script, and IS NOT FOR EVERYONE (and that’s totally ok!) However, you’ve been warned!

With all that being said, I certainly had fun creating this audio! And if it’s your cup of tea, I hope you enjoy it as well!

It’s 5pm, it’s MY time now… Lick my fucking boot! …This isn’t about you! I’m doing this for ME, and you know how sadistic I can be… After I treat you worse than the dirt on my boot, I bet you’re rock hard, aren’t you? Take of your fucking pants and underwear! NOW!! Yup, you are such a filthy, disgusting, boy… PATHETIC!

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》Script by u/Hero_for_Villainess