[F4M] Guess Who Won the Sissy Scavenger Hunt?!

Another fantastic sissy script from Scriptdoctornick! Mmmm, t’was a fun one! 😏

Your Domina is the best! Each year she finds a pathetic subby boy like you and spends twelve whole months transforming him into a total sissy whore! And once her sissy is ready, she sets her loose in the wild for us to find in a town-wide scavenger hunt! She might have neglected to tell you the best part, though; it’s finders-keepers! And guess who found you loitering for hours at a bus stop like the total whore you are? That’s right—me! So have a sip of tea to warm you up, baby—I promise it’s not laced with anything—and let me whisk you off to your new home to meet your new Daddy!

Private script by u/Scriptdoctornick

P.S. For clarification, ‘Mommy’ and ‘Daddy’ are used in the context that we are your new owners now, and you are our sissy pet.

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[F4M] Tonight, You’re Going To Be My Good Little Girl

This script is a sequel to a previous fill I did (titled: ‘Tonight, You’re Going To Prove Your Devotion To Me’) This was a fun feminization script to push my good boy’s limits, or should I say: my good girl’s limits. 😏 

You’ve been such a good boy for my recently. Catering to my every need, following my every instruction, even being my dutiful little cuckold after I asked you to choose a bull. But I want more from you! So tonight, I am going to push your limits and try something NEW! – and in the process maybe awaken that good girl side of you that’s been craving to get out…

Script by u/SilkySmoothSmut

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[F4M] Sunday, Sissy Sunday

Thanks to all that voted in the Patreon poll! This script was the winner! Another fantastic script from Scriptdoctornick! Such a fun script too… Training my sissy can take some time, and when you disobey me, there will be punishment!! 😈 Hope you guys enjoy it!

The impertinence! By request, I’ve made every Sunday an event for my special sissy: I do your nails the night before, I lay out the clothes you’re meant to wear, and so much more—and today you think you can just not comply simply because there’s a work crew removing the neighbors’ tree that fell into our backyard last night. We can’t have that, now can we? Certainly not! So if you’re so scared about being outed as the sissy you love to be, we’re going to work on that with a little exposure therapy at the patio door before they leave…

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Script by u/Scriptdoctornick


[F4M] Scratching the Sissy Itch

Hello! This is my first time trying a comforting, relaxing hypno-audio to help my precious sissy get to sleep. I hope you enjoy it! I’d love to know what you guys think!

My precious sissy, this is just a short and sweet borderline-SFW induction to satisfy your  longing to be called by name by my sweet and loving voice as you drift off to sleep. 

This version has binaural beats and sound effects during the audio, and that persist after my voice ends.

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Script by u/Scriptdoctornick