[F4M] Dominated and Disciplined by Your Bombshell of a Teacher

Thank you to all that voted in the Patreon poll! This script was the winner, and WOW!! – this script was fucking AWESOME! It was also the longest script I have ever done, but HOLY SHIT, I had an amazing time doing it! There are two endings to choose from, and I really hope you guys enjoy it!!

You are an 18 year-old high school student, and at the top of your class, but lately your grades have been slipping, so your teacher has requested a meeting with you. She’s been tasked with getting your grades back on track, but after realizing that your recent slump started when your girlfriend shamed you for being a Sub, your smokin’ hot teacher decides that the best thing she could do for you is to explore your kinky side, and domme the shit out of you.

Creampie Ending:

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Facial Ending:

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Script by u/AnxietyFreeHappiness


[F4M] The Black Widow Estate

Hey guys! This is my first time trying a narrative style script. It’s a slow-burn, but dang, this world is so immersive! I really enjoyed recording it, and I hope you guys enjoy listening!

The Black Widow Estate is a legendary place, and you have travelled far to find it. As night falls, you can hear the Mistress of the estate call out to you: “Hurry, before the moon rises above the treetops. These woods come alive at night. Branches might reach out to grab you. Roots come alive and begin to sneak themselves around your feet. Wolves, Owls, and Shadow-cats come out from their lairs. They stalk silently through the undergrowth; and their eyes shine golden; hungry with the scent of prey. I know you are tired from the long journey. I know that your thighs are tight and your feet are sore. Your back aches and your knees are shaky. But you’re almost there. Hurry sweet submissive…”

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Script by u/SuckMyScript