[F4M] You Don’t Even Deserve To Get Pegged

I felt like filling a mean script; then I stumbled across this one from SilkySmoothSmut, and oh boy, is it ever cruel! 😈 Hope you enjoy it!

It’s quite unfortunate that you seem to be pathologically unable to pleasure me. I know you’ve tried everything under the Sun to satisfy me, but it just isn’t working. Since you can’t please me, perhaps you’re just not worthy of being fucked any more. So, you will stay in chastity, and watch me be properly satisfied instead….

》Script by u/SilkySmoothSmut

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[F4M] I’m Taking Your Cock Away

Ohhh, I sooooo love turning from sweet to… Mmmm, well, let’s just say brutally honest… 😏 Such a fun script here, and I hope you enjoy it!

Now that I’ve got you tied up, I need you to know just how disappointed with cock I really am… Babe, I wish you could please me, but you just can’t with that teeny, tiny cock… And if I can’t get pleasure from it, then neither can you! I’ve got this nice chastity cage for you… and now that I’ve taken away your cock, let’s just replace it with a nice, big dildo that will actually satisfy me, like you never could…

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》Script by u/TeasedToTears