[F4M] Your Big Titty Teacher Pegs You After Class

Mmmm, I always love a good teacher/student script, and HighlyAdventurous always knocks them out of the park! Hope you enjoy! This script was one of the winners from the monthly Patreon polls, so thank you all for voting!

I’d like for you to stay after class today… Firstly, I want to discuss your grades and how you can improve them. Secondly, I’d also like to address our mutual interest of one another. So, I’ve decided to make a proposal: If you drop your pants and bend over for me, I’ll give you the grade that you want…

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Script by u/HighlyAdventurous


[F4M] Only the Beginning

I wrote a lil’ something-something for my good boy… 😏 

Aww, just look at you… My little chastity slave all locked up where he belongs. I locked up that cock of yours because you have had far, far too many orgasms without my permission. But you know what, slave? That ends now. From now on, you don’t get to cum without my permission, and you aren’t even allowed to get hard without my say so…

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[F4A] Warning! Do Not Listen

Mmmmm, I love denial/edging scripts soooo much! 😈 You’ve been cursed, and I own your orgasms now. You need MY permission to cum… 😏

By pressing play on this audio, you have cursed yourself! You have submitted all control of your orgasmic pleasure to me. My voice drives you deeper into submission, and you can no longer cum without MY permission. Submission feels soooo good! This curse may just be a blessing after all…

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Script by u/MeltForYou