[F4M] Tonight, Youโ€™re Going To Be My Good Little Girl

This script is a sequel to a previous fill I did (titled: ‘Tonight, You’re Going To Prove Your Devotion To Me’) This was a fun feminization script to push my good boy’s limits, or should I say: my good girl’s limits. ๐Ÿ˜ 

Youโ€™ve been such a good boy for my recently. Catering to my every need, following my every instruction, even being my dutiful little cuckold after I asked you to choose a bull. But I want more from you! So tonight, I am going to push your limits and try something NEW! โ€“ and in the process maybe awaken that good girl side of you that’s been craving to get out…

ใ€‹Script by u/SilkySmoothSmut

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[F4M] A Good Boy Gets Gagged, Pegged, and Drenched

This was the runner up in last month’s Patreon poll, and since so many folks voted for it, I wanted to fill it also! My previous audio upload was more on the wholesome side, but this here is a fun fill, of well… something on the rougher side… ๐Ÿ˜ˆ Hope you enjoy it!

I’d like to introduce you to the latest piece in my collection of colorful strap-ons: a purple perfectly sized rubber girl cock… just for you! And to guarantee that everything goes smoothly, I’ll be sure to gag you, and use a WHOLE lot of spit to make you nice and ready for me… Before I fuck you into the most intense orgasm of your life…

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ใ€‹Script by u/HighlyAdventurous