That’s it. Drop to your knees…

That’s it. Drop to your knees. Stare. Beg to worship both our asses, both your mistresses’ asses. Your need to worship ass is so strong, so undeniably powerful, that it’s the foundation upon which I’ve built every aspect of my hypnotic control over you.

I never doubted that your ass fetish, fuelled & intensified by my hypnotic conditioning, my irresistible control, would prove to be far stronger than the surprise, the sheer shock you must be feeling.

See, your daughter was shocked as well, when she learned that you, her strict disciplinarian of a father turned out to be such a disgusting little pervert. Well, shocked is perhaps too much of an understatement, horrified & revolted would probably describer her reaction more accurately.

Fortunately, I was able to persuade her to see your filthy perversions as an opportunity.

You know I can be extremely persuasive, right?

From now on, you won’t be her dad, instead you’ll be her sugar daddy. You’ll be a doting wuss who’s eager to giver her everything her heart desires, eager to act upon her every whim.

I’ve told her all of your trigger words, so now she’ll have control over every aspect of your life, rather than the other way around. I’ve also decided that she’ll be holding on to the keys of your little chastity cage. No more need to leave them in the office over the weekend. I’m certain she’ll quickly turn out to be a much stricter keyholder than I ever was.

Of course, you’ll continue to see me twice a month to deepen your hypnotic perversions and to implant new, exciting trigger words into your suggestible subconscious. In fact, your daughter has already made some excellent suggestions that I’m eager to explore.

Your daughter is here to oversee your life in a day-to-day manner and provide you with the constant care and domination that I know you’ll enjoy. All you need to do, is accept that, from now on, you’ll consider her to be your mistress, rather than you daughter.

You know you need to worship your mistress’ ass, you need to beg for the privilege. Remember, you’ve already been begging us to let you worship both our asses. As soon as you worship your new mistress’ ass, you’ll agree to be her slave, as well as mine. It might still feel like a choice, but it’s a foregone conclusion.

Go on then, worship your new mistress’ perfect ass, you know you want to, you know you need to.