Well, it took you long enough…

Well, it took you long enough to wake up. Awwww, you don’t remember any of it, do you? The drugs I spiked you with will do that.

That thing around your little stick? That’s a spike-filled metal chastity belt. You’ll want to stay soft while you wear it. With it on, you can’t get any pleasure from your undersized little stick.

If you ever want to have an orgasm ever again, you’re going to have to do what I say. So, tonight you’ll be staying in, cleaning and tidying the house. You’re going to have a lot less time now you’re my slave.

Meanwhile, I’m going out, dressed almost like this. I just have to add a chain with one of your two chastity keys on it. Don’t worry, the other is quite safe and secure where only I can get to it, and this one has been deactivated with some creative filing.

It does allow me to bring up my chaste hubby at the club though, all the better to cuckold you. Well, I’m off. Don’t wait up, and happy anniversary!