What’s wrong baby?

What’s wrong baby? Did seeing my pussy out like this make your little cock hard?


Hehe, you’re so cute… I’ve never had a prejac boyfriend before.

I always have to get naked to turn guys on, but you can’t even handle me in shorts, lol. Guess I’ll have to start wearing baggy clothes when you come over, huh?

Oh, you’re shaking… does that mean… ? Oka, okay, wait, hold on a sec!

Ok! I want you to cum all over my big fat ass. Cmon baby, show me how much you love me! Cum for me! Cum for your princess!!!

Oh my god babe, you came so much! I’m so proud of you! Mmm… I think if we work really hard on it though, we can make you shoot out more, even quicker. Can we try? Please??