You think you’re handsome, don’t you?

You think you’re handsome, don’t you, with all the girls saying you look like a young Clint Eastwood. Well, I’ve got news for you, babe. You don’t get to fuck me just because you have teen-idol looks.

I know you like my cute little tits, firm bubble butt, and tiny pussy. But before you get to have any of it, you have to prove you can be faithful, and not fuck around on me.

How can you do that? Easy! You’ll wear my chastity cage, and I’ll unlock you for sex.

You’ve spent your life controlled by the little head on this cock. Wearing my chastity cage, and having me make all the decisions about your sex life, is just being controlled by a different head. The difference is, it’ll be my clear, level head.

You’re grinning, babe. Maybe you think I’m not serious. But I am. It’s decision time. Either this goes into my chastity cage right now, or I get dressed, and I’m gone.