You’re so boring…

 You’re so boring. When you were talking me into this bondage stuff, I really thought that you could entertain me. It was such a simple bet. If I could tie you up in a way that you were totally stuck and couldn’t free yourself within an hour, you’d owe me a hundred bucks. If you could break free, however, I’d let you have your way with me all night long. I was so excited. And now look at you… Still hogtied and gagged. So tired from squirming!

And you haven’t even moved an inch since I tied you up. None of my ties came loose, even though I applied that spiked chastity device to your cock after half an hour in order to motivate you. Now the super glue I dribbled into the locks keyhole must have already hardened. I guess if you really try, you might still be able to spare yourself from a life of permanent chastity. Otherwise, I’ll just watch your stupid face begging for me to free you while all of your future orgasms go down the drain.