Oh sweetheart, I understand. I really do…

Oh, sweetheart, I understand. I really do. When you matched with me on Tinder, you didn’t realize I was serious when I said I would be your Mistress if we dated. You didn’t know that I was only looking for an actual female-led relationship.

For most, the chastity cage and my obsessions with face sitting and anal worship would’ve been a big red flag. But you thought I was just playing at femdom. Truly, you could be forgiven for that mistake.

And now that you finally realize that these past months weren’t just a little game to me, you want to end that little dynamic.

But you have to change your mind if you want to date me. I’m not saying that to bully you. I just don’t enjoy relationships where I don’t get to absolutely own a subservient male, one who devotes his cock and his entire existence to my pleasure. Vanilla sex wouldn’t be fun for me.

Come on, be brave. Let’s not throw this away. I think it’s safe to say we both love each other dearly, even though we haven’t admitted it yet. And I’m not just saying that now to manipulate you.

We’ll go slow – slowish anyway… We’ll write up your binding lifelong chastity contract together, by which I mean, I’ll tell you what to write. Explain each detail thoroughly, honestly, and reassuringly as you type it up for me, obediently. We’ll sign it together. It’ll be sweet, I promise!

And then you, my slave, my toy, my literal possession, you, who will be owned and own nothing and have no rights except to my complete and utter adoration, whether in the form of mercy or otherwise…

You… You will begin your new life for the rest of your life. You will serve my body daily. Massaging my breasts and thighs, hugging my waist, nibbling my tummy and my nipples, licking my belly button and my feet, burying your tongue deep in my pussy and my ass…

You will be frustrated and denied – maybe so much that I never let you come again. Maybe you will come often, but ruined. Maybe I’ll make you work hard for the best orgasms of your life. It will be entirely up to your new Mistress.

You will know no constraints or promises. Except one: that every time I punish you, every time I extend your sentence for no reason but my own pleasure. Every time I tell you no, you will think back on today, the day you signed your chastity contract, and handed over your life and cock to my control. And you will know, more and more certainly each time that you made the right choice.