[F4M] Your Roommate Really Isn’t Making Your Last Night Of Chastity Easy For You, Is He?

I had a blast filling this script, and I hope you enjoy it!

It’s a hot and sticky night, and neither of us can fall asleep. Lately, we have been exploring your chastity kink, and tonight’s the last full night of your first full month under your lock and key—so sleep was probably never an option for you anyway. But since I’m up, I might as well make the night ahead just a wee bit more torturous for you… and then, your roommate comes home with yet another slut eager to make a whole lot of noise through those paper-thin walls…

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Script by Scriptdoctornick

UPDATE: There is another part to this audio! Continue the story here: What Will We Ever Do Without Your Roommate? (Note: This part and the first part can both be listened to stand-alone though.)