[F4M] Just for Kicks

This was a really fun script! Hope you guys enjoy it as well!

I’ve been researching erotic hypnosis lately.., And I think… maybe it could help you experience more sexual arousal and more intense pleasure than you’ve ever had before. Soo… I would love to try it out on you, but before I do, I just want you to know that I’m going to have take you much, much deeper than before… you know, to access your more primal urges… Are you ready?

》Script by Hypermion

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P.S. Even though the subject in this script revolves around hypnosis, there is no actual induction in the script. Although, I am curious who would be interested in a version of this script with an induction added. Let me know!


[F4A] Warning! Do Not Listen

Mmmmm, I love denial/edging scripts soooo much! 😈 You’ve been cursed, and I own your orgasms now. You need MY permission to cum… 😏

By pressing play on this audio, you have cursed yourself! You have submitted all control of your orgasmic pleasure to me. My voice drives you deeper into submission, and you can no longer cum without MY permission. Submission feels soooo good! This curse may just be a blessing after all…

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》Listen to the NAKED VERSION (with no binaurals) instead

》Script by u/MeltForYou