[F4M] Gentle FDom Guides You to a Full Release

Mistress can giveth, and Mistress can taketh away… Hehe, I was feeling quite generous to my good boy when I recorded this fun script here… 😏 Hope you enjoy it!

A kind, friendly voice helps relieve your sexual frustration, providing you with positive reinforcement, and guiding you towards cumming really, really hard. Everyone deserves to feel good and everyone deserves to experience powerful orgasms where you release your entire load. Sexual satisfaction is a key part of overall happiness.

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》Script by u/eyegazer444


[F4M] Scratching the Sissy Itch

Hello! This is my first time trying a comforting, relaxing hypno-audio to help my precious sissy get to sleep. I hope you enjoy it! I’d love to know what you guys think!

My precious sissy, this is just a short and sweet borderline-SFW induction to satisfy your  longing to be called by name by my sweet and loving voice as you drift off to sleep. 

This version has binaural beats and sound effects during the audio, and that persist after my voice ends.

》Listen to the BINARAULS F4M VERSION on Soundgasm instead

》Listen to the NAKED VERSION instead (just my voice)

》Script by u/Scriptdoctornick